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If you have any question or request for sending or receiving files, please do not hesitate to contact with us. Our technical representatives are always ready to serve you.

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I need your help for my photos, how much does it cost and how do I order?
That’s great to know! You have come to the right place. Simply submit a quotation request form, and one of our customer support team members will be with you within an hour or two, with the total estimate for your photos.

To learn how to place an order or request a quote, please visit the get started page.

Can I apply for trial work?

Yes you can! Here is how:

  • You submit a quote request form
  • We review your images & requirements, and get back to you within a matter of hours
  • You agree to the price and ask for test work before confirming the order
  • We work on 1 or 2 image for you as a test and return you as soon as possible
  • You review the work and confirm the order if the test satisfies you
What are your turnaround times?
Completion time depends on the complexity and quantity of your project. As a general guide, most times you can expect a delivery within 24 hours if the requirement is straightforward and the quantity is less than 100; however if your images are complex or you have bulk image like 500 or 1000, it might take 48 or 72 hours.
Are my images safe with pixelexpertbd.com?
100% yes. All our personnel have signed a non-disclosure agreement where they commit themselves to not taking any images out of the workplace or use it for any other purposes than for the job you require. Our entire equipment is also protected by firewall for inbound and outbound security and we use the latest anti-virus protection in every computer.