Price and Payment

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Yes! That is our second goal (Price), and obviously the first one is Quality. Running your own studio can be a time consuming, and perhaps more importantly, costly venture for any business. For a fraction of the cost, you will get only the highest quality results specifically tailored for you at Pixel Expert bd. Our prices speak for themselves:

Price and Payment:

Rates are depend upon the complexity of photos and services you require for. As it goes high when image complication goes high even it may goes down when images are simple to work on. Consequently, you are requested to send us your images over and after we review the requirements, result will be returned to you with details even within an hour.


Regarding the pricing you may have a quick and rough idea as we have mentioned in Services Outline below. Depending upon the service you require, pricing may differ. For Photoshop clipping path service price starts at US $0.29 per image. You will get price cut on bulk orders.

Prices we have mentioned in Services Outline are just our Starting Rates and differ from job to job depending on image complication to work on.

How Much?

There is reason why we don’t have a price list on the website. We know that can be frustrating for you, but the truth is until we see the image, and understand clearly what needs to be done, we can’t set a price.

You wouldn’t want to pay a fixed price for something that doesn’t involve much work. Conversely we wouldn’t want to charge less that the job demands.

That’s why we encourage you to send us your image(s) or get in touch. Once we’ve seen the image and know what needs to be done, you will receive a price based on how much work we think it will take to get the job done

Currently we work on two business models : (A) Fix Rate per image and (B) Hourly Base

(A) Fix rate per image : Ideal for clients who has fluctuating volumes. A standard rate card is developed based on complexity of images to the unique client requirements.

(B) Hourly Base: It is best suite for custom job where exact scope is not defined. for ex: Complex Restoration jobs, Personalized enhancement.

Money Back Guarantee:

If you are not completely satisfied, we will complete an initial re-work free of charge, and offer a full money back guarantee if you are not 100% happy following a re-work. We want to make payments easy and streamlined, and as a result support all the following payment options to ensure we can serve your business, no matter the size or location.

Flexible Payment Options:

Biweekly or monthly payment plans are available for corporate clients needing our service in a regular basis. Access personal accounts at any time to check invoices, manage payments and accounts. Simply put, taking advantage of our great service is easy and straightforward. Contact us today for your quote to see how we can address your image requirements quickly, for a great price and speedy service that you simply won’t find anywhere else.


Normally we ask 50% up-front payment of agreed project amount through PayPal before starting work on your project. We also offer Bank wire transfer method on client request.