(How to Create a Product Shadow in Photoshop) In case you don’t know much about Product Shadow making then let me introduce you deeply. If you see the product photos of the reputed e-commerce site, you will see there is a shadow of the product. When you see the shadow, it gives the image a real as well as genuine look to you. Whenever you capture a photo, there is a shadow of the object obviously. But that does not look that much professional or accurate despite that it is the original shadow of the photo.

Another problem is that when you will try to capture a photo with shadow, the light side will look bright and the shadow side will look dark. On the other hand, if you want to capture the photo in bright light, there will be no shadow. That is why the shadow is created in different photo editing software and if you can do it properly, there will be no bright or dark side and at the same time, there will be a shadow of the object that will make your photo look appealing.

There is so many software with which shadow Product Shadow service companies or professionals create these fake shadow to make your photo better. Now the question is that why will you take this service? What are the advantages you will get if you take this service?
E-commerce is getting popular day by day. And when it comes to digital marketing or e-commerce business, you show only images to the customer. Customers can not check the product physically until they get the product.

That is why it is very important to make your product image fresh and attractive. Adding shadow can make your product photo look attractive, fresh and authentic. It is quite possible to get a better natural look for your images. But most of the time we cannot make it happen with our immature hands. In that case, you should always go for Product Shadow Making Service. You will get the perfect shadow to make your photo look natural, authentic, fresh and most importantly attractive.

Advantages of Product Shadow Making Service
By the time you have known the importance of shadow in the photo. But whenever you will try to do it by yourself, chances are very low that shadow will be perfect. And if there is a problem with the shadow, that won’t look real at all.

If you are doing any business or thinking of doing any business then you must know that a fake photo of your product will not work for sure. You will not get any sale. Even if people have any confusion about the photo then they will not take your product.

This service requires a well-skilled team. You cannot just make it by seeing YouTube videos. You will need great skill in graphics design. Also, you will need additional effort to do that even if you are skilled. If you are busy with these things, how can you manage other things in the business? You are not a designer, you are the owner of the business. You should not waste your time here. You should focus on product quality, customer relationship, and marketing.

On the other hand, if you take professional Product Shadow making service, you will get professional photo editing where you will get a natural looking shadow. We are offering classic shadow making service for you. There is no chance at all that you will get an unnatural shadow in your photo.

You just need to place an order to them and provide them with your raw photo. They will do the rest of the things. You can focus on other things at that time to make your business established. You can focus on customer service, product quality, and marketing.

Also, if you want to increase your sale, you should apply these shadows in your product images. As I said earlier, your customer will buy your product by seeing the picture of your product. So it is quite possible that your sale is low because of unnatural photos.

So it is important as well as better to take shadow making service.
Why should you take it from us?
You know Product Shadow making service is important. But why would you choose us? What are the features we are offering you, right?
Well, the first thing we are offering is our expertise. We have a good experience is shadow making. Photo Edit point offer different types of shadow making. That means, no matter what types of shadow you want us to edit for your photos, you will get that.

Another thing is the team. We have a good team of expert member. You know you cannot do it by yourself. You need a good team to complete this difficult task.

Also, Photo Edit point offer an economic pricing plan for you. Actually, we believe in a win-win condition. That means, you will be happy to pay us and we will be satisfied with that money. You might find some service company that offers Product Shadow making service at a very cheap price, but let me tell you one thing that if the worker is not happy with the price, he or she cannot do your job accurately.

Moreover, we offer quick delivery to you. Since we have a team, no matter how many orders we have, we can deliver our task very quickly. You can be sure that we will not miss our deadline.

And lastly, we believe in customer relation. We believe that if you like our service, you will come back to us and offer us other jobs. Also, you will do free marketing for us. That is why we always keep an excellent relationship with our customer. You might know that a company is as good as its customer service.

Who should use Product Shadow Making Service?
Now let’s come to the point that who should use our service. Actually, most of the online marketers, as well as businesses, can use these, especially:

  1. Web media
  2. Product photography
  3. Product promotion
  4. Advertisement media
  5. Visual presentation

Types of Product Shadow Making Service
There are different types of shadow makings. However, we offer generally two types of shadow making services. Drop shadow and reflection shadow. Actually, these are the main types of shadow making. You will not need other types of shadow making generally.

Reflection Product Shadow
Reflection Product Shadow is one of the most popular shadows right now. You can see these types of shadows in some top class companies. This shadow will give your product a look as if the product is photographed on some kinds of reflection onward such as glass, or mirror.
This type of shadow can give your customer a subliminal influence as well as a context. This is a simple but very effective photo editing for the business that can affect your business.
If you are an entrepreneur and want to flourish your business through online then this is a must-have service for you. Since this attract the customer, people will stay a little longer in your site just because of these photos. As a result, there will be an effect on ranking in Google. I am sure you want that very much.

Drop shadow
Another type of shadow we are offering is drop shadow. This also so popular and used by some of the biggest e-commerce sites. This is a visual effect that looks like a shadow of the object. Also, this makes a photo look like 3D. This enhances the natural look of the product and similar to the reflection shadow, it helps your audience to stay longer on your product page.
Also, when you capture a photo, there is some natural dark side for sure. In drop shadow, we remove those bad looking dark side and add the drop shadow so that it looks even more natural, fresh and authentic.

Wrapping words
When you will take Shadow Making Service, you will get the realistic, 3D, fresh and authentic picture. This will help you in many ways. It will make your photo attract the customer and at the same time push the customer to buy the product. You know, people do not buy the product, they buy emotion. So if you can create some kind of appeal in your audience through this shadow, definitely, chances will be high that the audience will buy your items. It has some effects on Google ranking if it can keep your audience a little bit more time on your product page.

We are good at making shadow in your photos. We have a good team, we will deliver your photos quickly on time, we offer good customer service and most importantly we can ensure quality shadow making service. Don’t waste your time finding shadow making company and do not choose the wrong company. If you choose any wrong service company, you and your business are doomed for sure. So let’s go together.