Services We Provide

High quality, quick turnaround time and affordable photo editing services for eCommerce and product photography.

Clipping Path Services

Deep Etching | Image Cut Out | Background remove

The Photoshop Clipping Path technique is used to effectively remove the main object of the image from its background. That way you can place it on a background that better complements the object and minimizes distraction. More details…

Product Shadow Creation

Natural Shadow | Existing Shadow | Reflection Shadow

When a product or model included in an image is shaded and we want to remove the background without affecting the shade, Drop Shadow is the ultimate solution. We can either preserve the original shade or create a new one that will look as natural as the original. More details…

Photoshop Image Masking

Transparent Masking | Channel Masking | Knock Out Image

Photoshop Image Masking techniques can be useful when there are small details or problematic elements in an image that can’t be dealt with by clipping paths. Hair is a good example of this. Photoshop Image Masking offers the best solution in such cases, especially for portrait or close up images of models, and will deliver the best degree of detail for your chosen image. More details…

Photo Retouching Services

Blemish Retouching | Jewelry Retouching | Cleaning Blemishes

Photo Restoration & Retouch improving brightness, remove spots, colour, scratches and other details of a photo and eliminating any scratch, stain, yellowish or partial damage from photos with Photo restoration or image editing techniques. More details…

Ghost Mannequin services

Neck joint | Ghost Mannequin | Invisible Mannequin

Neck joint also known as Ghost Mannequin or Invisible Mannequin service is a creative product photo editing service which is usually applied on garments items like sweaters, T-shirts, shirts, pants etc. Our experts use the inner view of image to create the neck part & make a complete view like the real image. More details…

Remove Background from Image

Background Erasing | Knockout Background | Photo Cut Out

Removal of background helps you to expunge an object from an image and use it freely wherever you want. Photoshop offers a wide variety of tools for removing backgrounds in a perfect way. Background Removing gives a photograph much brighter and overt clean look. More details…

Product Photo Editing Services

Cropping | sizing (resizing) | straightening

Cropping, sizing (resizing), straightening and saving images as web format is also the service we offer, so that you place the images on your website straightaway. Whether it is 10 images or 10000, Pixel Expert bd can provide the fast image cropping or resizing service. More details