3 Ways to Grow Your eCommerce Sales

If you own an eCommerce store, perhaps one of the easiest ways for you to increase sales is to improve your product images – it is that simple! Whether it be fashion goods, hard goods or soft goods, quality photos of your product are the link to your customers money!

As the ecommerce space continues to grow, and competition is increasing daily – the space is getting fourious in terms of competition and adding details for the products, doesn’t only help your SEO but also your customers and finally your images is the tricker to a sale! Think about it for a second, when you go to the mall, why does the big box retailers invest so much money into their windows? Obviously to get you insider their store and if the products are messy and not aligned nicely you might leave (unless it is an outlet like Ross). The e-commerce space is the same way we are visual shoppers and the information conveyed by a good product photo can be priceless. When looking at identical sites, a prospective customer will usually buy from the online store with better product photos – do the test on your self, when it looks better we tend to spend the money there! In bricks and mortar stores, customers can grasp, hold and touch the product, proving them with a high level of information. Online, the customer makes decisions based on a higher level of emotional satisfaction and of-course the right price! Good product images will provide answers to your customer’s questions; questions about build quality, color detail, materials, specifications and performance. With quality product images the emotional quotient is satisfied leading to enhance trust in making the buying decision.

1. High quality product images can reduce customer service inquiries.

Given the customer the opportunity to explore the product by showing multiple angles, zoom-ins, front, back, and sides of products, customers will have less questions about the product before making a purchase and less returns after a purchase. Think about it, if a product photo can answer a quetion the consumer has, you will save countless dollars on customer service inquiries, gain more sales and decrease the return processing. Let the photos sell your products – they really do!

2. 3D image merge matters for Fashion Retailers Good quality product images can reduce customer service inquiries.

Let’s look at some companies that get’s it wrong and why images really matters. American Eagle a larger US based brand forgets to actually handle their images with caution which reduces their ability to sell more on their ecommerce store while Pixel Expert Bangladesh customers understand the message. American Eagle takes a simple image of their product, they do not remove the background or make sure the product isn’t wrinkled – in this case do you really feel like buying the top?

A better example is Abercrombie & Fitch they make you feel like buying the product by taking a great image of the front and the back and then after merge them together with 3D clipping. Think about it, it cost them about $0.19 per image to do so, and this make impulse shoppers to press the buy button more often than with a bad image like American Eagle.

  1. More than one Image matters, showcase the product with great product images.

Think about it, every car commercial on TV always have the same vision, how great the car drives and how good it would look on you. The message is often the same no matter the brand, but what they have in common is they build a story and showcase a story that you can relate to, and you start dreaming about. Think about e-commerce stores the same way. if you don’t showcase the product with other images or angles most likely you miss 10-20% of your sales, since people stop to relate to the product. In the fashion industry especially eyewear, taking a picture and virtually trying your glasses on the laptop, give you an impression if these glasses is a no or a go in real time. Warby Parker is one of the companies in eye glasses that is taking advantage of this technology and their sales have grown like a rocket from no where to a 3 digit million dollar company today.

Most Companies forget or struggle to handle their images, when dealing with their e-commerce store. Big box brands from the US even have issues handeling the process and forget to work on their images.

The problem is it cost a lot of money to handle images such as background removal, clipping path and 3d cropping internally. Companies such as Pixel Expert Bangladesh offer great prices on these service, and companies can focus on what they are best at, producing new collections, bring them to the market and profit from them. Pixel Expert Bangladesh ’s prices starts at only $0.85 an image and companies can bring their collection online faster at a cheaper rate.

Try today, the first two images are on the house, we will help your product images to sell more.